Ryno Racing is a motorsports team base out of Los Angeles, California. Ryno Racing is currently campaigning a Ginetta-Nissan LMP3 Race car, competing in endurance championships throughout the United States. Working side by side with Ginetta and Nissan, Ryno Racing is the first importer of LMP3 spec race cars to the United States. With a background in prototypes and a variety of Radical sports cars, Ryno Racing brings experience and know-how to the LMP3 show.

For 2016, Ryno Racing will be campaigning the all new Ginetta G57. With an unrestricted aerodynamic package and a 6.2 liter LS3 V-8 Chevy motor, the G57 is a serious contender to endurance racing.

About Ginetta

Ginetta Cars Limited was founded in 1958 by the four Walklett brothers. The business was an extension of a passion for motor racing and produced predominantly race or road/race orientated cars.

In 1961, the company had a step change with the G4 model which was unveiled that year at the Racing Car Show. The G4 was aimed squarely at the club racer who wanted a cost effective weekday road car and a weekend racer. In this it was aided by the new Ford engines which gave it the necessary performance to firstly beat the MGBs and TRs before taking on and winning against such exotica as the Jaguar 3.8. Such ability soon translated to an escalating tally of race successes at which point the mainstream motoring press took an interest firmly establishing the Ginetta marque on the motoring map.

Today, Ginetta is building a variety of vehicles, a GT40 street car, LeMans Prototypes, and other race machines. Let the progression continue!


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